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Petals offers the unique option of floral preservation. Using the latest in freeze dry technology we are able to preserve your flowers and mount them in a beautiful frame of your choice. We offer several shadow boxes and keepsake bubble frames in many sizes and wood options to preserve your memories for a lifetime.

We have several samples for viewing on display in our shop. Prices for a completed design range from $840.00 – $1295.00 depending on the size and style chosen. We are able to add invitations, prayer cards, photos, and small keepsakes such as charms, garters etc.

Petals requires a base deposit of $500.00 which will be applied to the total cost when a design is chosen with the remaining balance due upon completion. It is not necessary to choose your design prior to the wedding or event. The whole process takes about 6 to 8 months.

Be sure to stop by and view our beautiful designs and choices if you are interested in seeing more or learning more about our flower preservation services.

Due to the delicate nature of flowers it is recommended that your flowers are preserved as soon as possible after the wedding or event. The fresher your flowers are when they arrive at our store the more beautiful your completed design will be.

Petals recommends after wedding photographs are done and the bouquet is no longer needed, have the bouquet put in water and refrigerated at the venue for the rest of your reception. After the reception the bouquet should be refrigerated overnight until it can be brought to Petals or Petals can be contracted to pick up your bouquet from your venue.

* Make sure the bouquet is not put into the freezer by accident- your flowers will no longer be able to be preserved*

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